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Pre-screening service

Your company can make a social difference by having a visible employability programme aligned to your Corporate Responsibility strategy.


We can help you with our pre-screening service which ensures:

  • Candidates have pre-employment training and qualifications directly matched to your sector and business
  • A fee-free service that takes the time to understand your company so you only see candidates who are suited to the way you work
  • A hassle-free recruitment process that saves you cost and time
  • The option of no-obligation work trials so you know you have the right recruit
  • Ongoing support and in-work training
  • A way to grow your business by enhancing your local reputation and increasing social impact
  • An opportunity to help socially disadvantaged people achieve their potential
  • The employability is designed with your input on the types of qualifications candidates will need before commencement of employment e.g Food Hygine
  • You can be involved as little or as much as you would like throughout the 3-10 day programme
  • The main focus of this type of recruitment and selection process is to determine if suitable candidates have the ABC (Attitude Behaviors and Commitment to enhance your workforce